About Us

iCare Pet Crem is a small family run business owned and managed by Alex Baxter.

If you are visiting our website because you have just lost your beloved pet we are so sorry for your loss. If you are just making plans early then in either case our thoughts are with you in the days ahead. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can discuss your options and we can provide all the advice to help you decide what to do next. We also hope that you will choose iCare to take care of things and let us provide some comfort in knowing that you, your family and your pet are in safe hands.

My name is Alex Baxter and I own iCare Pet Crematorium and our sister company 
iCare Memorials which supports both the human and pet funeral trade and Customers.
Many people now call me the Pet Undertaker because of the service I provide which is very appropriate given I will not only be the person you talk to when you call but I will take care of everything from start to end. 

Pets are different things to different people, for some a pet is a companion and for others it is like having a child and that's why we want to help you say goodbye to your beloved pet in a dignified manner. For many people including myself having a Pet is so rewarding. When you come home from work or just come back from the shops and they want to let you know how much they have missed you by going crazy or sulking even when we've only been out for a few minutes that is unconditional love and a special bond that only us pet owners can understand.

At iCare Pet Crem we are proud to tell everyone that we don't collect clinical waste from any veterinary practices along with your pet. Our Business is 100% focussed on INDIVIDUAL Pet Cremation and providing the very best personal caring service across the central belt. Our job at iCare Pet Crem is to provide a dignified and personal service which we hope can help ease the sadness of parting and having to go through this process from start to end.

The business was established back in January 2011 and since then we have had to make a number of significant changes/additions to the business to ensure we stay around for the long term. In April 2012 we started up our sister company iCare Memorials to support both the human and pet markets. In May 2013 we purchased Paws RIP Fife to help grow our business over the bridge and in July 2013 a new partnership/collaboration between iCare Pet Crem and Brownings Funeral Directors Whitburn was established.This new set up will allow us to offer a more extensive service for all your family's bereavement needs and enables both companies to keep funeral costs competitive by sharing premises and resources. 



Our Premises at Whitburn:

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iCare Pet Crem supporting Central Scotland: West Lothian, North Lanarkshire, 
South Lanarkshire, Midlothian, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Stirling,
Alloa, Kinross & Fife